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Vadim Sherbakov’s Workspace December 25, 2014

  1. Ed Shields says:

    I love the look of your office. I was wondering if I could get some info on the table. was it hand made? how long and deep is it? how at the legs?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks a lot !Its a custom made by woodcraft shop in Moscow , but its very similat to the Crate& Barrel one – The length is does not really matter right since it custom made for me, but its 160mm wide and about default hight.

      • Lisa-Maria D. says:

        Dear Mr. Sherbakov,
        I saw the pictures of your workspace a few years ago at Easy and your table catched my eye – not to say that I totally fell in love with its handcraft, the color of its wood and the overall look. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information on the source of the pictures until today. Now that I found you I wanted to kindly ask you if you could share the information on the woodcraft shop in Moscow with me that created your piece. Anything so I can contact them. Furthermore I am really curious which sort of wood was used. I hope that this message reaches out to you even though you are obvisiouly a famous designer. :-)
        Kind regards,

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where can I find your desk lamp?

  3. OM says:

    Any info on the headphones?

  4. Larry says:

    Hey what wallpaper is that on the second monitor (with the green mountains), i love it. Could you please let me know, thank you !

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